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How to Keep Pet Chinchillas Clean – Chinchilla Dust Baths


(image credits: Justin Qian)

Chinchillas are probably one of the most adorable rodent pets there is. These cuddly creatures are small with beautiful and soft coat fur. The fur is dense and warm which is definitely pleasing to touch. They can grow a foot long and weigh from 1 to 1.5 pounds. Most chinchillas are gray, but other color varieties include tan, beige, black or white. These creatures also have large rounded ears and beautiful rodent eyes, similar to that of a rabbit’s.

As pets, these creatures are easy to handle. Despite their active and boisterous nature, chinchillas create little noise nuisances and handling issues. Provided with proper chinchilla care, these creatures can live up to 20 years. For pet owners who want a long time pet companions, chinchilla is one of the best choices. However, these creatures are not recommended as children pet since these creatures have the tendency to bite when in fear.

One of the most important chinchilla caring tips to consider is bathing. Bathing chinchillas maintains the cleanliness and softness of their fur. However, you should bear in mind that chinchillas do not bathe in water. Their dense furs actually prevent their bodies from air drying. The fur is naturally designed to retain moisture close to the skin. If the water gets locked up, it can either cause skin irritation such as fur rot or fungus growth.

Chinchillas bathe in dust. This is their natural way of cleaning themselves. In the wild, chinchillas would often go to dusty ground, roll and move around in it. The dust in their natural habitat is made of finely pulverized volcanic rocks. The dust penetrates through their dense fur and absorbs dirt and oil on the skin. For pet chinchillas, there are chinchilla dust baths that are designed for them. These artificial dust baths have special dust made of the fine material pumice.

You can give the chinchillas a dust bath a few times a week. By providing them with this, the creature will have healthy fur coating which will prevent parasites such as fleas from penetrating. This will also keep the thickness and the softness of the fur. They need the thick fur as defense against loose dander. If the creature gets wet, it is important to immediately dry it with dry towels. You might also use no-heat hair dryer. Heat hair dryer can irritate their skin and ruin their coat.

There are also chinchilla dust bath houses. These dust bath houses should be large enough for your pet chinchilla to roll around. What you need to do is to gently place the rodent in the dust house and pour the dust in it. Chinchillas can be shy, so it is important to do everything gently so that they will feel relaxed. It should be a pleasant experience so that they would become accustomed to it. You should also bear in mind that there are people who are allergic to the material of the dust, so it is essential to keep the dust contained. Immediately vacuum the spilled dust if necessary.


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